Carnegie Mellon University
June 28, 2019

Volunteer for Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is in need of two committee members. The Finance Committee ensures the financial security of the organization for the present and future. Deadline: Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Membership/Social Committee is in need of committee members. The purpose of the Membership/Social Committee is to encourage socialization among the Osher membership, and to provide support for the designated social events of the organization.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prospects are not Osher Members. Committee participation is limited to Osher Members only. 

Complete a short VOLUNTEER application to be considered.

FINANCIAL COMMITTEE - Committee members

Major Responsibilities:

  • Work with the fund manager to ensure that the investments are being managed appropriately.
  • Be knowledgeable about investment strategies in general.
  • Be aware of the financial needs of Osher at CMU.


  • The Finance Committee shall have a presidentially appointed chair, the Treasurer as a member, and one other member.
  • Each shall serve for one year and may be renewed.
  • The group shall meet at least twice a year with the fund manager.

Expectations of Committee Members:

  • Take an active interest in ensuring that the organization has good financial health.
  • Be available to meet with the fund manager as needed.


Major Responsibilities:

    • Work with membership/social co-chairs and other committee members to execute each social event
    • Initiate opportunities to build community within the membership and encourage involvement of new members whenever possible
    • Make phone calls to members on an as needed basis.


    • The Membership committee has a presidentially appointed chair, a co-chair, and enough members to support the social events of the organization
    • Current events are: Annual Meeting; Back-To-School Picnic; New Members’ Welcome Party; and Winter Luncheon
    • Each shall member shall serve for one year and may be renewed at the invitation of the Committee Chair
    • The group shall meet as needed
    • Members will work together actively on a variety of tasks. Tasks include but are not limited to: picking out menus, arranging for table and room decorations, staffing the sign in / welcome table at each even, etc.
    • Expected time commitment is at least 10 meetings per year – 1 planning before each event and 1 recap after each event + event time = approximately 30 hours per year

Expectations of Committee Members:

    • Take an active interest in ensuring that members have opportunities to become comfortable in the organization.
    • Engage in the activities of the committee with attendance and work.