Carnegie Mellon University
April 08, 2022

The Membership/Social committee is looking for new members!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prospects are not Osher Members. Committee participation is limited to Osher Members only. 

Complete a short VOLUNTEER application to be considered.

Osher at CMU Mission and Vision

The mission of Osher at CMU is to provide its members with learning and social enrichment opportunities that increase their knowledge, enhance skills and interactions with peers, and increase cultural and social awareness, complementing CMU's leading role in educational, intellectual, and cultural life in the Pittsburgh region.

Osher at CMU's vision is to be a premier quality source of lifelong learning for its members through cost effective, short-term, non-credit courses, lectures, field trips, special interest groups, and other events supporting its mission.

Membership/Social Committee - Committee member

The Membership/Social Committee is in need of a few new committee members. The Membership/Social Committee helps plan and facilitate special events throughout the year for other Osher members, including the New Member Reception and the Annual Meeting. They manage the Osher at CMU welcome desk in Cyert Hall, and provide coffee service in the lounge. They also award scholarships, send condolences, and other outreach to Osher at CMU members


  1. The President appoints the Committee Chair for a term of one year with no limit on reappointment.
  2. The Committee shall have three or more additional members, including at least one Director.
  3. The Committee Chair appoints Committee members from applicants following the Osher Committee Member Selection Procedure.
  4. All committee members must be active members of Osher at CMU.
  5. The Chair may drop members for cause.
  6. The President is an ex officio and non-voting member of the Committee.


  1. The Committee shall meet with such frequency as it may determine, typically with at least four meetings per year.
  2. The Chair of the committee presides over Committee meetings.
  3. A majority of Committee members constitutes a quorum.
  4. Committee approvals require the presence of a quorum and affirmative votes of a majority of members present.
  5. The Committee shall report its activities to the Board on a regular basis.
  6. The Chair is responsible for keeping and maintaining records of actions and submitting written input for the Osher annual report no later than 30 days after the end of the fiscal year.
  7. The Committee may invite any Director, Officer, outside advisor, or other individual who is not a
    member to attend meetings, but such persons shall not have voting power.
  8. The Committee shall not contractually obligate Osher at CMU in any manner unless authorized by
    documented Board approval.
  9. The Committee shall review this charter periodically and may recommend changes to the Board for review and approval.
  10. Any Committee action is subject to review by the Board and may be overturned by majority vote of the Board.


  1. Organize the New Member Reception, the Annual Meeting, and other events approved by the Board.
  2. Welcome new members, award scholarships, and send condolences.