Carnegie Mellon University


May 20, 2022

Always Be Prepared: Familiarize Yourself with the Cyert Hall Emergency Exits

As we move into our new home in Cyert Hall, we want to share with you our evacuation plan in case there is an emergency while you are in class. 

The map above shows our exit route. From our classrooms, all students and study leaders will funnel out into the main hallway. Make a right hand turn, and make another right hand turn through double doors at the end of the hall. At the end of the second hallway, make a left out through the Cyert Hall Loading Dock/Garage, and use the second door to head outside to Forbes Ave. That's where we will gather as Osher.

Osher staff will be in the hallway to make sure that everyone is shown out to our gathering place. 

In the event there is a fire blocking our exit route, please use the stairwells to exit on Floor A. Additionally, the stairwells are areas of refuge where emergency crews can find those who are unable to exit by climbing the stairs.

If you have any questions about our evacuation plan, please email