Carnegie Mellon University

Phipps conservatory

April 15, 2020

TEDxPointParkUniversity: What We Can Learn from an Old Glasshouse by Richard Piacentini

Richard Piacentini teaches us that human health and environmental health are intricately connected and that to age gracefully, we must continually reinvent ourselves to evolve with the world around us. Since 1994, Richard Piacentini has led the green transformation of Phipps, including construction of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes, the only building in the world to meet the Living Building Challenge™, LEED® Platinum, WELL™ Platinum and SITES™ Platinum certifications. The sustainability efforts he initiated are based on recognizing the vital connections between people, plants, health and planet. Richard is a past board chair of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and American Public Garden Association (APGA), serves on advisory committees for the Biophilic Design Initiative and Biophilic Cities Network, and received ILFI, APGA and US Green Building Council leadership awards.