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May 09, 2024

Announcing the Summer 2024 NRC Osher Online Courses!

Each NRC Osher Online course will cost $55. (Normal Osher at CMU term registration fees will not apply for these courses.) You must have purchased a 2024 membership for Osher at CMU in order to register for these courses.

To register for the NRC's Osher Online courses, sign into your member profile and search for 1) NRC and all the courses will appear, or 2) by using the ID numbers listed below.

Registration deadline is June 1st, 2024!

  • 5158: NRC Osher Online: Bugs and their Bizarre Biology (Brian O’Neill)
  • 5159: NRC Osher Online: James Baldwin: Speaking to US at 100 (Catherine Frank)
  • 5160: NRC Osher Online: An Introduction to the National Park System (Constantine (Costa) Dillon)
  • 5161: NRC Osher Online: The Great Films From the 1920s to the 1960s (Jeremy Fackenthal)
  • 5162: NRC Osher Online: Women Psychoanalysts: Stories and Theories (Oliva M. Espín)
  • 5163: NRC Osher Online: The World’s Fascination with the Automobile (Pandora Paúl)
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