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June 06, 2024

*NEXT WEEK!* NRC's Osher Online in collaboration with OATS presents "Tech Trends Bootcamp 2024"

Osher Online is teaming up with OATS (Older Adults Technology Services) for a one week bootcamp on "Tech Trends".  These five courses will be offered FREE this Summer, June 10-14.   Each course will meet for an hour and are available to all members of participating institutes of Osher Online.  

Enrollments are first come first serve. All registrations are handled through the Osher National Resource Center and Zoom; Osher at CMU does not control these webinars. Any questions can be directed to

Here are the list of topics and marketing for each session:

June 10 at 1PM: Intro to Chatting with AI

Curious about using tools like ChatGPT or Geminibut not sure where to start? In this class, we willexplore tips for using generative AI chat programsso you can make them work for you. You will learnhow to write questions, or prompts, that arespecific and effective at obtaining helpfulresponses. Whether you plan to use them at work,for personal projects, or just for fun, we will showyou how this technology can help you with manytypes of tasks. We will also cover best practices forprivacy and security so you can be a confident user.

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June 11 at 1PM: Intro to Smartphone Photography

Interested in learning more about your smartphone camera? In this lecture, we will explore your smartphone's camera and features like recording video, adding filters to pictures, and using your camera's timer. We will also present some basic tips for taking good selfies, selecting backgrounds, and using optimal lighting. This presentation will cover Android and iPhone.

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June 12 at 1PM: Intro to Photo Editing Tools

Blurry vacation photos? Random people in the background? In this class, we will learn about photo editing tools and how they can enhance your photos. Get an overview of what photo editing tools can do as well as an introduction to easy-to-use photo editing apps. You’ll be on your way to “photoshopping” with these popular free apps!

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June 13 at 1PM: Wearable Technology

From fitness trackers to smart glasses, wearable technology is here to stay. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a tech newbie, there is something in this class for everyone. Learn about the health, wellness, and personal safety benefits of wearable technology.

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June 14 at 1PM: Smart Homes

In this course, we will learn how technology is transforming homes everywhere. Control your lights, temperature, and even household appliances with a tap on your smartphone. These smart devices are more than just gadgets. They can help save you time and money, and even give you greater peace of mind.

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