Carnegie Mellon University


April 16, 2024

NRC's Osher Online presents "Putin’s Russia: Two Years Into The War” with Dr. Asya M. Pereltsvaig


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On February 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin unleashed a war on the neighboring country of Ukraine, which has resulted in mounting military casualties on both sides and a civilian tragedy on the Ukrainian side. Nearly two years later, the war still rages despite the continuing pressure on Russia from the West and the resulting economic hardships. We will examine why Putin is still in power and why Russia is still at war. Using a wide range of sources in Russian, Ukrainian, and English, we will investigate just how broad the popular support for Putin and his policies is in Russia and, most importantly, why. The answers may surprise you. With rapidly changing events, the lecture will be news-oriented and will cover the latest developments.

Asya M Pereltsvaig received a PhD in Linguistics from McGill University and has taught at Yale, Cornell, Stanford, and several other universities. Her expertise is in language and history, and the relationship between them. Her most recent book is Languages of the World: An Introduction, 4th edition (Cambridge University Press, 2023). Asya is a popular instructor for several Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes across the country and was the faculty host for an Osher trip to the Baltic countries and her native city of St. Petersburg, Russia in July 2017.

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