Carnegie Mellon University

barbie and ken

February 07, 2024

The WVU Committee of Retired Faculty and OLLI at WVU presents "Barbie and G.I. Joe in Action: Mid-Century Romance and Role Play" by Beth Toren

Hosted by the WVU Committee of Retired Faculty and OLLI at WVU, Beth Toren will provide a brief history on Barbie and a few select popular male action figures followed by a discussion with audience members at 2:30 p.m. Feb. 14 on Zoom.

To celebrate the significance of their memories and artifacts, the community is invited to participate by sharing their Barbie dolls, accessories and memories. 

Barbie is an everywoman able to be and do anything her audience can imagine. While Ken was cast as her boyfriend accessory, a variety of mid-century male action figures such as G.I. Joe, Big Jim and Johnny West were marketed to boys. 

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