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February 15, 2024

Easy Ways to Access Osher at CMU

This article will give you some strategies to ease the frustration and, in many cases, the cost of driving to CMU. We need to be aware that CMU discourages access by automobile in favor of public transportation and personal conveyances.

Where can I find these recommendations down the road?

The list of these recommendations will permanently be listed under the About section of our website!

  1. If you are 65 or older, you can use all Pittsburgh Regional Transit busses and the “T” at no cost. A transit card is required to do so. It can be obtained from the Transit Authority, downtown, or from any state representative’s and offices. Click here to find your local representative under the "Senior Citizen" tab.
  2. Park in the CMU area and take a bus to campus. HOWEVER, parking on streets close to CMU, and in some neighborhoods, is posted as “Permit Parking Only”. Be sure to check the signs.
  3. Adequate parking options are available a bit further from CMU. From there, several bus routes serve the campus, stopping either at Morewood and Forbes, across from Cyert Hall, or Morewood and Fifth Avenue, a short walk to Cyert Hall.
    • BEWARE: Most residential streets in Pittsburgh have weekly street cleaning from early Spring to late Fall. Signs are posted on every street, but may be hard to find. Be sure that you locate those signs to be certain you are not parking where street cleaning will occur that day. Fines are steep!!!!
  4. Bus Routes
    Several bus routes serve the campus.
    • From Point Breeze/Shadyside
      Route #71B runs along Fifth Avenue from Penn Avenue to Morewood. 1 block walk to Osher on Morewood.
    • From Highland Park/Shadyside
      Route #71D runs along Highland Avenue to Fifth Avenue to Morewood. 1 block walk to Osher
    • From Squirrel Hill
      Routes # 61A, B, C, D run along Forbes Avenue to Morewood, across from Osher.
    • From Point Breeze/Squirrel Hill
      Route #67 runs along Dallas to Wilkens to Beeler to Forbes to Morewood.
      Route #69 runs along Reynolds to Dallas to Wilkins to Beeler to Forbes to Morewood.
    • From the North Hills
      Consider taking a bus downtown, then any #61 bus to Cyert Hall. The 01 Ross Flyer, the 012 McKnight Flyer, and the 05 Thompson Run Flyer run during AM (inbound) + PM  (outbound) rush hours, and make fewer stops.
    • From the South Hills
      Those who live within a reasonable distance from a “T” stop should consider taking it downtown, and taking one of any #61 buses to Cyert hall.
      Route 28X – Airport Flyer - stops in Robinson Town Center, Carnegie, and Crafton.
  1. Bus Schedule APPs
    There are apps that for your phone that can provide transit schedules. These include:
    • Transit - Subway & Bus Times (Nationwide) 
    • Moovit
  1. Your Osher membership card entitles you to ride the CMU shuttles. HOWEVER, they are pegged to the CMU class schedule, not ours. And, their frequency is less than the city busses.
  2. Routes and schedules can be found here:

Parking Lots
The CMU East Campus Garage is usually not a good option. It fills up early, and it may close on days when the University hosts special events. It is also closed to “Non-leaseholders” until 9AM. And, it is now even more expensive. The garage is no longer free after 5pm and weekends.

  1. Other campus lots are available: 
    • CIC Garage, 594-598 Boundary St., Pittsburgh, PA 15213.  At the entrance, take the ramp to the left.
    • Gates Garage, 409 S. Neville St., Pittsburgh, PA 15213.  Continue right on access road past the CIC Garage.  
    • Dithridge Street Garage, 252 S Dithridge St., Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  2. The CMU Morewood Gardens parking lot, entrance on Morewood between Stever House and Morewood Gardens, is free on after 5PM and on weekends.

Alternative Parking Garages Near CMU Campus
Here are some recommendations for other parking garages that are near to Cyert Hall:

  • Soldiers and Sailors Parking Garage

    4390 Bigelow Blvd

    Pittsburgh, PA  15213

    Rates and Times:

  • Carnegie Museum of Art Parking Garage

    4400 Forbes Avenue

    Pittsburgh, PA 15213


    The museum has a multi-level parking garage with accessible spaces and bike racks. The entrance is located on the corner of Forbes Avenue and South Craig Street. The parking rate is $10.00 per day. Except for special events, the garage is open from 9 AM to 5 PM on Mondays through Fridays.

Metered Parking
There is also metered parking on Frew Street, in Schenley Park, and in other areas in Oakland, Squirrel Hill, and Shadyside.

  1. There are apps that will allow you pay for metered parking from your phone, and, add time to the meter if you are running late. They are: 
    • Go Mobile Pittsburgh            
    • Flowbird         
    • Meter Feder

Caution: Some meters have a 2-hour time limit.

  1. You can park at a meter and take a bus to campus.
Outside of Cyert Hall along Forbes Ave, there is pull-off that allows you 15 mins for drop off or pick up. Consider being dropped off by a family member or friend, Access transport, or an Uber/Lyft.