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February 01, 2024

Announcing Spring 2024 course opportunities from NRC's Osher Online!

The National Resouce Center has announced their line-up for their next session on

Registration deadline is March 1st, 2024!

Here is the line-up for the Spring 2024 offerings. Full descriptions can be found by clicking on the NRC's Osher Online tab above!

  • 5106: NRC Osher Online: The Sixties in America: From Rebellion to Rights to Commodity (Jeff Rice)
  • 5107: NRC Osher Online: Peace Leadership: Exploring Peacebuilding from the Ground Up (Aleen Bayard)
  • 5108: NRC Osher Online: Chemistry Inside You (Kjir Hendrickson)
  • 5109: NRC Osher Online: Themes in Philosophy, Part 3 (David Smith)
  • 5110: NRC Osher Online: Physchology Fundamentals: A 101 Overview (Andres Gvirt)
  • 5111: NRC Osher Online: The Capable Consumer: Finding your Purchasing Superpower (Susan Loyd)
  • 5112: NRC Osher Online: The Great Con: The Talented Mr. Ripley in Literature and Film (Heather Brown)
  • 5113: NRC Osher Online: Human-Animal Connection (Jennifer Baker)
  • 5114: NRC Osher Online: Our (Inter)National Pastime: Baseball from Inception to the Modern Era (Katie Krall)
  • 5115: NRC Osher Online: The Intersection of Maps & History (Bischof, Edney, & Miller)
  • 5116: NRC Osher Online: AI for Regular People (Melba Kurman & Hod Lipson)
  • 5117: NRC Osher Online: Writing a Slice of Your Life (Lisa Stolley)
  • 5118: NRC Osher Online: Billy Wilder in Hollywood: Director, Writer, and Social Critic / RTVF Authorship: The Films of Billy Wilder (Roberta Rotman)