Carnegie Mellon University


March 02, 2023

CMU International Film Festival presents: Faces of Fear 2024

March 21st-April 7th, 2023

About the Theme

“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.” –Rudyard Kipling

FACES OF FEAR seeks to explore the unique ways in which each of us cope with, face, and learn from all our different sets of worries. Fear appears rarely at random, at least outside the realm of nightmare or horror fiction. It becomes us, shapes a central part of our everyday lives, and of our calendars, as an anxiousness in anticipation for the rest of our lives starting and stemming from our earliest memories. How does fear affect us, and how do we continue rising from our beds to face it down each morning? Can we exist without fear, and how can we overcome the fears that block us from our deepest aspirations? Through the perspective of these incredibly talented filmmakers on display with us, the CMU IFF hopes to be a platform by which all of you may glean some answers to these questions, in best pursuit of eternal human courage.

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Ticket Information

Senior ticket prices are as follows:

  • Festival Pass: $25
  • Opening Night: $10
  • Individual Screenings: $5
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Schedule of events:

For a full schedule and more information about each film, please to go to the festival website:!