Carnegie Mellon University


January 11, 2024

SIG Brown Bag Lunch & A Movie: So Many Of You Are Missing A Good Thing

By Jim Reitz

The 3rd Friday of each month for this past year Osher has had an event - Lunch & A Movie.  We meet in the lounge for a “bag lunch” at 11:30 followed by a movie at 12:15.  The movies are commonly Old Favorites, most of us have seen Years Ago, but Great movies.

Most Important.  Most of us “know” other Osher members to recognize in a class.  We may or may not know their names.  Lunch & a Movie changes that – drastically.  It turns “I recognize that person,” into “my new friend.”  Those of us who have participated regularly now have added to our list of friends.

There is no greater way to “Connect” with another person, than sitting around a table and “breaking bread,” together with interesting and fun conversation.   The movies are great – worth coming for, but the time together is the highlight of the events.  Come join us. You won’t regret it.  Yes, January and February may be a little chilly, but Hey, we’re all old enough to remember some “Real Winters,” not the ones we’re having now.  I want to get to know – YOU!

Register for ID: 4490 and come watch the movies coming up this spring!