Carnegie Mellon University

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June 23, 2023

Bring A Friend: Share the love of Osher!

Except for the first five years, or so, until the onset of Covid in 2020, the Osher at Carnegie Mellon University has had a waiting list.  Membership during those years ranged from 750 to 2500 members.  As an organization, we will soon reimplement the waiting list to control our membership numbers as set by both the university and the organization. In anticipation of this, we are offering our members a unique opportunity to invite their family and friends to become members without having to go onto the waiting list.  This opportunity will extend until the end of 2023, at which time it will be reevaluated.

To encourage participation in our “Bring A Friend” membership campaign, we will allow your friend to attend one day of classes, as an observer, with you. 

To acquire a one-day guest pass for your friend, please go to the “Membership” page of the Osher website and complete the request for a Guest Pass form in the blue “Other Information” box.  Once the office receives your request, you and your guest will receive a guest pass via email.  On the day of classes, your guest will need to bring a printed copy the pass with them and leave it inside of the sign-in folder, or for community site classes give it to the study leader.  For Zoom classes, their name will be captured upon sign-in and a copy of the pass will not be necessary.  For attendance at small or discussion groups, the Osher office will need to obtain permission from the Study Leader before granting a guest pass. 

If your guest decides to join Osher at CMU, they will be able to do so at a reduced membership rate of $50.00.  This offer is good for the remainder of the 2023 membership year.

As an incentive, for every new member that a current Osher member brings in, the introducing member’s name will be entered into a lottery for a $100.00 gift card.  The drawing will be held at the end of every month.  All the names not pulled will remain in the pull for the next month.  In addition, the current Osher member who brings in the most “New Friends” that become members in 2023 and then renew for 2024 membership will receive a gift card for $250.00.

Our Osher was originally built on friends inviting friends. The board feels that going back to our roots will only make our organization stronger. We look forward to meeting your friends, and welcoming them to the Osher at CMU community!