Carnegie Mellon University

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February 25, 2022

Our New Hearing Assistance System

Check out the new hearing assistance system in our Osher classrooms in Cyert Hall!

This new system, using infrared (IR) technology, is designed to enhance listening in our classrooms and group areas.  The system will help all users to better hear and understand study leaders in each of our learning spaces. The listening system picks up audio through a microphone and transmits it directly to a listener’s ear, hearing aid, or cochlear implant.  Whether you have a known hearing loss, or just want to listen more easily, we hope you’ll try out our new Infrared hearing system! This system works well with most hearing aids or cochlear implants that have a “T” coil setting. If you are unsure whether you have a “T” (telephone) coil, check with your audiologist. You can read about how our infrared hearing system works here.

Try out the Osher hearing assistance system:

  • Stop by the Osher office before class to sign out an IR receiver and lanyard
  • For enhanced listening without a hearing aid: grab an earphone to plug into the lanyard port
  • To use with your hearing aid or cochlear implant  “T” (telephone) coil:  activate the “T” or “MT” setting
  • Follow instructions on the IR receiver to adjust the volume for your listening comfort