Carnegie Mellon University

coffee cups and breakfast

September 16, 2022

"Why Not?": An Explanation on Why Food and Drink Must Not Go into Classrooms

A sign posted at the entrance to each of the Osher classrooms reads:

 Please Do Not Bring Food or Drink into the Classroom. 

Some members ask ‘why not?’ or chose to ignore the signs, taking coffee, water or other food into the rooms. The response to this reaction is that food and drinks accidently dropped leave stains and ruin the  look of our new space. Osher members who took classes in our former classrooms can certainly remember the condition of the carpet and furniture in the rooms.

Additionally, many members of Osher contributed money to make our new Cyert Hall a welcoming place where we can learn and create community. The goal is to keep it looking as nice as we can for a long time to come. To that end, a new lounge area was included in the design to give members an area where they can share time together, or sit separately, while enjoying something to eat or drink  - without worry of ruining carpeting.  Some think that water should be allowed in the classrooms, but even water can cause mold to form on the carpet and it too can leave stains.

So, please, respect our space and the efforts of your fellow Osher members. Do not take food or drink into your classes. If you cannot wait for the end of class or the break provided by many Study Leaders, please excuse yourself from the class and retrieve a new drink from the kitchen area or an already open drink you can store in the refrigerator during class.