Carnegie Mellon University

image of coffee and tea donation jar

September 30, 2022

Coffee & Tea in the Lounge: Fall 2022 Update

By Stephanie Fall, Membership/Social Committee Chair

The Membership committee had a plan! Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Osher members to be able to share some social time and conversations over a cup of coffee in our new lounge. The Osher board agreed to provide initial funding with the understanding that the program would be self-sustaining with replenishments funded by member’s contributions of $1 per cup of coffee or tea. Monday May 4, 2022 was kick-off day, and after 5 months, thanks to the many members who have participated so far, we are holding our own. However, as you may know, the price of coffee and coffee pods has risen sharply over the past few months. We plan to keep the $1 per cup cost, but it depends on everyone paying their share. So please remember to “feed the kitty” and bring exact change to contribute to our beverage fund. With everyone’s cooperation in keeping our new lounge clean and tidy, we will enjoy this benefit for years to come.