Carnegie Mellon University

Food drive

October 28, 2022

Join Team Osher and help us raise $500 for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank!

Team Osher hopes to raise $500 for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank!

To see our team's updated page, or to make additional donations, click here:

Carnegie Mellon University’s 29th Annual Food Drive: October 31 - November 15, 2022

The CMU annual food drive is one important way in which CMU demonstrates their commitment to the community. For nearly three decades, Carnegie Mellon has run one of the highest grossing food drives in the City of Pittsburgh (holding “bragging rights” as THE LARGEST for at least several years!), contributing more than $319,000 and over 78 tons (yes, TONS!) of nonperishables to support those in need. The university is motivated each year to keep our tradition of fighting hunger in the Pittsburgh area alive because we care about our neighbors.  

We attribute much of our past success to the spirit of friendly competition that permeates our campus. Last year, this spirited competition soared to new heights, with contributions reaching an all-time high of $112,705.13 (including cash and nonperishable contributions converted to dollars)! 

Because of our continued and increased enthusiasm to help end food insecurity, our goal this year is to collect $125,000 in cash and nonperishables. Included in this goal, we are specifically asking for the 250 can openers for our CMU Food Pantry. They have just about used up the can openers we have collected over the last several years. Can openers are a most-needed item for our students!

For your convenience, cash contributions to support the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (GPCFB) can be made online! Please click on the link at the top of the page to do this for Team Osher!

Drive and Drop Option

In addition to the funds we hope to raise, we will offer three opportunities for the campus community to contribute nonperishables for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, as well as the can that we are collecting for our campus food pantry:

  • Thursday, November 3rd, 11am to 1pm, Tepper Garage
  • Wednesday, November 9th, 11am to 1pm, Tepper Garage
  • Monday, November 14th, 1pm to 3pm, East Campus Garage

We encourage you to bring the following items, requested as “most needed” by our CMU Food Pantry and the GPCFB, respectively:

  • CMU Food Pantry: 
    • non-electric can openers
  • GPCFB:
    • Peanut butter
    • Low-sodium or no salt canned vegetables, beans, and soup
    • Canned tuna packed in water
    • Canned chicken packed in water
    • Whole grain cereal, oats, and pasta
    • Toilet paper and other paper products
    • Baby wipes
    • Granola bars
    • Juice boxes

 *This is a list of suggested/most needed items; other nonperishables will also be accepted and appreciated!