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October 28, 2022

Cheers to 30 Years: Celebrating 30 Years of Osher at CMU!

The Osher at CMU 30th Annual Meeting was the event of the year as many members attended in-person and on Zoom for the meeting. Jan Hawkins lead the meeting; her message of gratitude resounded throughout the entire presentation. Points of conversation included our financial situation (a little beaten down, but still strong), thank you's to our committee heads and retiring board members, and the end of our Osher 4.0 campaign. 

Jan announced that Osher had an anonymous donor make a very generous donation in recognition of Dr. George H. M. Lawrence, and our lounge will now be now be known as the Lawrence Lounge! She noted that this room is the third named room we have in our learning center joining the distinguised John and Eileen Olmsted Activity Room and Jan Hawkins Conference Room.

Lastly, Jan took time to thank our annual fund donors, capital project donors, and volunteers. Without suporters of Osher, we would not have made it 30 wonderful years!

Our Entertainment - Mr. Messado

As a magician with the Cultural Trust's Liberty Magic in Downtown Pittsburgh, Joshua Messado regularly hosts a show on Sunday afternoons titled, "Mr. Messado’s Magic School for the Young and Young at Heart." He teaches all new magicians the power of magic. Prior to Pittsburgh, he elevated a 3000 year old ring trick to make it his own; a variation which has impressed famous magicians such as Penn and Teller and David Copperfield. 

Mr. Messado presented a comedic and thrilling show which kept the in-person meeting goers on their toes. Four members were chosen as volunteers (one even got to be the magician for a trick)! The room was filled with awe and laughter while presenting a variety of magic tricks, including the ring trick that he is most known for. We were very impressed with Mr. Messado and thank him for showing us some slight of hand.

Mr Messado
Mr Messado
Mr Messado

Memories of Osher at CMU

We are so proud of the growth of our organization from 1992-2022. Enjoy some  moments from our 30 years together!

Helen Faye Rosenblum
Osher class
Osher class
Osher class
Osher picnic
Osher winter luncheon
Osher board meeting
Osher office in hunt
CMU President and Osher representatives
John Olmsted
Judy Spahr
Sheila Werner