Carnegie Mellon University

Covid vaccine

July 22, 2021

Please fill in a Vaccination Attestation Form (VAF)

By Lyn Decker, Executive Director

All members must complete and return a Vaccination Attestation Form (VAF).  The VAF form must be completed and returned by all members to Osher at CMU via the electronic DocuSign system.  Please click on the following link to fill in your VAF:

Click Here for the VAF form!

A link to the VAF form can also be found on our registration welcome page.

If you are vaccinated and have returned your VAF, you will register yourself, as before, through the online system when registration opens. Online and in person classes will be available to fully vaccinated individuals.

If you are not vaccinated and have returned your VAF, online courses will be available to you. To register you must download the registration form from our website and mail it into the office with your check. Registration forms will be provided once the catalog is published.

You MUST return a VAF if you plan to take classes in any capacity for the Fall 2021 term.

While this is a complicated situation and one which our office staff has never handled before, this is our best effort to keep our members safe while offering quality courses on Zoom and in-person.  Please take the requirements seriously and help us provide a safe experience for everyone.