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October 01, 2021

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Second Session Fall courses will be on Zoom

The Osher at CMU board of directors at their last meeting, reluctantly made the decision to move the second session fall in-person courses from in-person to Zoom.  This was an extremely hard decision because we are all so eager to be done with this pandemic and get back to something resembling “normal”.  However, given the reports from both the CDC and the Allegheny Health Department and the demographics of our membership, the feeling is that it is better to wait just a little longer before attempting in-person classes again. 

The staff is in the process of setting the courses up on Zoom.  Understandably not all courses will work on Zoom and not all study leaders are willing to teach on Zoom.  If you are enrolled in such a course, you will be dropped from the course.  If it is your only course this fall term you will be given a full refund.  

If by chance you are not willing to attend classes on Zoom, please submit a drop form (found in the red box on our website) and the staff will drop you from the course. 

I am sorry and disappointed about this change but understand it really is, in the long run, for the benefit of the organization.  Thank you for your understanding.

Cancelled Courses

Study Leader ID Course Title
Albert, David 3850 The Sinking of the Lusitania  
Albert, David 3851 The Gettysburg Campaign 
Bates, Gary 3901 Independent Art Study 
Boyarski, Daniel 3914 A Design Journey 
Carnes, Alice 3941 Sacred Circle Dancing 
Carpenter, Rebecca 3920 Henry V in History and Shakespeare 
Carpenter, Rebecca 3921 Meet The Wyeths 
Carter, Donald 3895 Ernest And Hadley 
Cummins, Denise 3853 Liberty and No Excise! 
Gormly, Kellie 3943 Non-Fake News: An Insider's Tour of Journalism 
Green, David 3904 It's All About The Egg! 
Harris, Cindy 3950 Progressive Crochet 
Kisslinger, Leonard 3823 Book Of Genesis Versus Evolution Of The Universe 
Lagnese, Joe 3899 Life Sketch and Popular Music of George Gershwin 
Markovitz, Diane 3931 Bone Health! Steady And Strong 
Miller, Errol 3858 Those Who Trespass Against Us - Introduction To Torts 
Mitchell, Patricia Pugh 3892 Earl Fatha" Hines 
Olmsted, John 3881 Improve Bridge: Play Session 1 
Olmsted, John 3882 Improve Bridge: Play Session 2 
Rapp, Constance 3864 Singing In A Choral Class 
Reidboard, Ruth Cooper 3852 Urban Planning Choices: Post Covid
Schexnayder, George 3848 Tamburitzan Folk Dancing 
Stone, Ronald 3886 Reinhold Niebuhr: Philosophy, Politics, and Race 
Swoger, Jeffrey 3815 Great Conductors of the 20th Century 
Umans, Jackie 3944 Verbal Self Defense For Women 
VandenBerg, Francine 3924 Continuing Painting In Acrylics 
Veazey, Barbara 3820 Senior Health Care 
Veazey, Barbara 3821 Senior Health Care 
Whitehead, Tina 3862 The Palestinian Story: Hope and Sumude 
Zeigler, Katrina 3891 African Adventures: Traveling with a Medical Team 

Complete list of Second Session Running on Fall

Please click on the link below to see a list of all courses happening on Zoom for the second session fall term: 

Click here for the list of Second Session Fall courses on Zoom!