Carnegie Mellon University
August 13, 2021

A Difficult, but Necessary Decision!

Yesterday the Executive Committee of the Board made the difficult decision to keep all of our first session fall courses online on Zoom. They unanimously made this choice because of their concern for our members given that the Delta variant that is attacking even those that are fully vaccinated.  Yes, everyone attending in-person classes would be vaccinated and mandated to wear an appropriate mask but we now personally know many people who are vaccinated that have come down with Covid.  It was a hard decision to make because so many have indicated an eagerness to get back to in-person classes and experience our new space in Cyert Hall.

The staff will now move all first session courses to Zoom.  The 1 and 2 day courses, we hope will be able to be in-person as scheduled as well as the second session fall courses.

As soon as the first session course schedule changes have been made, everyone will receive an announcement that registration is open.  Those that have a completed Vaccination Attestation Form (VAF) submitted and are fully vaccinated will be able to register themselves. Those who have not yet submitted their VAF will have to do so first in order to be registered for any courses.  If you have yet to decide on your fall course schedule, you might want to do this now in anticipation of the upcoming registration announcement.  The fall catalog is on the website on the Courses and Events page.

Please keep safe and well.