Carnegie Mellon University

Winter 2020 catalog cover

January 24, 2020

We Have A Winner! The W20 Catalog Cover has been identified!

In the Winter 2020 catalog, we advertised a $25 registration credit to be awarded to the first member who could find or recognize the statue on the cover! We posted the following on the inside cover of the catalog:

Look up, look around, do you see where I can be found? The first Osher at CMU member to locate the giraffe statue on the cover and notify the office of its location will win a $25 credit to be used towards registration expenses. (The office was unable to discover any information about the photo. If you know, please let us know.)

We are pleased to announce that member Madelyn Miller was not only able to identify where the giraffe statue is located, but she also was able to give us some insight on the history of how it came to be!

Madelyn wrote us saying, "The giraffe sculpture is located on [the] small amphitheater between the Purnel Center and Doherty Hall west of the Cut. The sculptor is Lobster Boy or William Kofmehl III.  It was actually a cast of a toy he had in his 3 story house he built.  Unforgettable." 

Madelyn was the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at CMU! She was present for the completion of the outdoor amphitheater and, Kofmehl's more well-known project, a three-story home he built from scratch while wearing a lobster costume.