Carnegie Mellon University

Volunteers enjoying the brunch

March 06, 2020

Volunteer Appreciation Brunch

By Kate Lehman

To say how much we love our volunteers, the Osher staff hosted a brunch on Valentine’s Day. The party is a yearly event to honor all of our volunteers’ contributions over the last year.

This year, we were pleased to see such a large group attend the brunch, considering the temperature outside was well-below freezing! The event was held at the at the Cohon Univeristy Center’s Danforth Conference Room, where volunteers could stop by at their leisure throughout the day, catch up with fellow volunteers, and “make some new friends” as well. As they said, “Osher is full of interesting people,” so this party was a “great chance to sit down and talk with people [they] had not met before” while enjoying coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. Thank you again, volunteers!