Carnegie Mellon University

Zoom Meeting

May 27, 2020

Zoom: Perfect For Our Time

By John Spear

It’s amazing how intelligent senior citizens have become. We adapt well  to new situations. The current corona virus caused us to hover indoors. We don’t go to large gatherings, movies, classes, theater, sporting events or out for dinner. I’m looking for things to do inside my apartment. The Zoom app is so easy and opens up a whole new world. Osher classes are currently on Zoom. I took Owen Cantor’s American Music class and was able to enjoy all the material Owen so ably provided. It was amazing. An hour and a half flew by like lightning with exciting music of the past. I was able to see my friends. A few really looked good. Some people were at the beach. ( Because some of our Zoom apps provides a choice of backgrounds for you to choose.) I was able to chat in private with a friend who was graduating a two year course she was completing. I viewed 75 people by flipping my screen. They looked pretty good for 9 am in the morning. I made sure to comb my hair since I had not had a haircut in three months. Last night, I played Psych with my grandsons in New Jersey. I loaded the Psych app and we played the game on Zoom. It was great to see their smiling faces. Do yourself a favor and upload the Zoom app to your phone, iPad or computer and enjoy an up to date experience.