Carnegie Mellon University

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July 10, 2020

An Open Invitation!

Because we are locked out of campus and we are offering all of our fall courses online, we invite you to invite your friends and families, both near and far, to take classes with us!  If they apply and register as a prospect, they can now go to class with you!  This invitation gives friends and families something more to share while everyone is separated.  Because we have no age restrictions, this would also apply to your children and adult grandchildren. Why not? It could be fun!

To invite your friends and family members, send them the link provided below to apply.  They will join as a prospect participant and, once they have chosen courses, will pay the $85.00 fee per term to register for as many courses they would want to take. After registration opens for the members, those on the Prospect Waiting List will receive a list of open courses and directions on how to register.  Our fall catalog will be published online soon; we have a lot of wonderful courses planned!

Keep on learning!

Lyn Decker
Osher Executive Director and Registrar

Apply to be a Prospect!