Carnegie Mellon University
November 06, 2020

Osher at CMU Lecture Series presents "See You In Orbit? Our Dream Of Spaceflight" by Alan Ladwig

The dream of space flight for “average citizens” is alive! After years of false starts and broken promises we are on the cusp of routine space tourism. Beginning in 2021 “citizen astronauts” will experience the joy of weightlessness on suborbital hops and even weeklong excursions to the International Space Station.  With this lecture, Alan Ladwig will present the sweeping history and future of the global public’s desire to be more than observers—to be active participants in space travel. With a 40-year career of promoting public engagement in space activities, Ladwig will offer a unique, behind the scenes look of how the dream of space flight evolved from test pilot astronauts to citizens in space. He will guides you on a historical, personal, irreverent, and often-humorous tour of the promises, expectations, principal personalities, and milestones regarding the goal individuals have to fly in space.

Alan Ladwig is the Chief of To Orbit Productions that provides consulting services and lectures on space policy as well the creation of art projects based on space themes. Ladwig is also serving as the Chief of Communications and a member of the Board of Directors of the Star Harbor Space Training Academy, a startup company with plans to offer astronaut training for the general public.
He served three terms at NASA Headquarters – twice as a political appointee and once as a civil servant. During the Obama Administration he served as the head of Public Outreach. Under the Clinton Administration Ladwig was Associate Administrator of the Office of Policy and Plans. From 1981 to 1989 he was a civil servant for the Office of Education, the Office of Space Flight and the Office of Exploration. He managed both the Shuttle Student Involvement Program and the Spaceflight Participant Program.