Carnegie Mellon University

Gérard P. Cornuéjols

IBM University Professor of Operations Research, Emeritus

Tepper School of Business
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

P: 412-268-2284


Gerard Cornuejols


Ph.D., Cornell University


My current research is in combinatorial optimization and graph theory, with emphasis on the algorithmic aspects. My current focus is on the study of perfect graphs, balanced matrices and the max-flow min-cut property. Another line of my research deals with NP-hard combinatorial optimization problems through the study of relaxations. Using polyhedral combinatorics, contributions are made to the theory of the set covering, location, vehicle routing, and traveling salesman problems.

Select Publications

Elementary Closures for Integer Programs (with Y. Li), Operations Research Letters 28 (2001) 1–8.

The Packing Property (with B. Guenin and F. Margot), Mathematical Programming A 89 (2000) 113–126.

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A Class of Hard Small 0-1 Programs (with M. Dawande), INFORMS Journal on Computing 11 (1999) 205–210.

Finding an Even Hole in a Graph (with M. Conforti, A. Kapoor and K. Vuskovic), Proceedings of FOCS (1997) 480–485.

Mixed 0-1 Programming by Lift-and-Project in a Branch-and-Cut Framework (with E. Balas and S. Ceria), Management Science 42 (1996) 1229–1246.

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A Class of Logic Problems Solvable by Linear Programming (with M. Conforti), Journal of the ACM 42 (1995) 1107–1113.

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