Carnegie Mellon University

PhD students Antoine Remond-Tiedrez and Christopher Cox

June 29, 2020

Math graduate students sweep 2020 MCS graduate student awards

Earlier this year, mathematics PhD students Antoine Remond-Tiedrez and Christopher Cox received the 2020 Hugh Young Graduate Student Teaching Award and the 2020 Guy C. Berry Graduate Research Award, respectively.

Remond-Tiedrez is an all-star TA, with seven semesters' experience teaching nine different mathematics courses. He was tapped to teach Concepts of Mathematics in the summer of 2017 and designed the course himself. A thoughtful instructor, Remond-Tiedrez is never described by students or faculty as anything less than stellar.

Former graduate student Chris Cox wrote five papers during his time at Carnegie Mellon as a discrete mathematics doctoral student. Widely regarded as one of the best students of discrete mathematics across the field, Cox has collaborated with both Boris Bukh, who was his thesis advisor, and other graduate students to produce notable contributions in information theory, discrete geometry, and extremal combinatorics. He is now a postdoc at Iowa State University.