Carnegie Mellon University
October 10, 2015

Master of Science in Computational Finance ranked #1

QuantNet BadgeQuantNet, a leading online resource for the fields of financial engineering and quantitative finance, has recognized the Master in Computational Finance (MSCF) program at Carnegie Mellon University as #1 in its 2015 ranking of financial engineering programs.This is the third #1 ranking in a row for MSCF.

"Quantitative finance offers students with superior math skills an opportunity to work in an intellectually challenging environment, using their skills in an industry on which the economic health of our nation depends," said Steve Shreve, University Professor of Mathematical Sciences and one of the founders of the CMU MSCF program. "Recognizing this, Carnegie Mellon created the first professional degree in quantitative finance more than 20 years ago, and we have invested substantial resources toward the goal of making ours the best quantitative finance degree in the world. It is gratifying to see that even though scores of similar programs have since been created at many other elite universities, our number one standing continues."

The Department of Mathematical Sciences plays a critical role in the inter-disciplinary MSCF program, teaching a third of the curriculum and providing leadership in policy matters. The Department is deeply invested in the applications of mathematics to finance. The Department is home to the Bachelor's program in Computational Finance and graduates a steady stream of Ph.D. students whose research treats mathematical problems arising in finance.