Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Student Prizes

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is awarding the following prizes, starting in the Fall of 2022.

  1. Outstanding Research Prize ($600), given annually to a student for outstanding research achievements.
  2. Outstanding Teaching Prize ($400), given annually to a student for exceptional teaching and mentoring.
  3. Diversity, Outreach, and Mentoring Prize ($400), given annually to a student for dedication and service towards diversity, outreach, and mentoring.

Students must be nominated by a CMU faculty member by October 22. The following conditions apply:

  • Nominees must be current students in a Ph.D. program in Mathematical Sciences, in good academic standing.
  • The nomination packet must include a letter of support from the nominator, and at least one other letter of support, and a CV of the nominee.
  • The outstanding research nomination packet must also include:
1. One recent paper / preprint authored or co-authored by the nominee,

2. A one page research summary from the candidate.
  • For the outstanding teaching prize, the committee may solicit letters from students of the nominees.

Winners will be announced by November 15th. Nominations should be submitted by email to Christine Gilchrist. If you would like to suggest a nominee, feel free to email the Director of Graduate Studies, currently Clinton Conley.