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Beginning in Fall 2018. IRandA is replacing our former Excel-based Factbook with two types of information to be used for different purposes:

  1. Information at a Glance

    These tables are created from University census data and are typically summarized at the highest level (location or college/division). They provide official university summaries of student enrollment, undergraduate admission, employees (available in December), degrees granted, alumni, and space.

    Please use these tables for all external reporting (advisory boards, grant proposals, accrediting agencies, guidebook publications, posting on websites, surveys, etc.).

  2. TartanDataSource (CMU affiliates only)

    TartanDataSource (TDS) is an interactive reporting and analysis platform (SAS Viya) that allows users to customize information tables and visualizations by using filters such as CMU location, college, department, major, and class level.

    Users may download information tables and visualizations as .png files.

    Each report includes a table of contents that describes the tables and visualizations available on each tab, data sources and definitions, and instructions for use.

Information at a Glance


Student enrollment counts by college, citizenship, race, sex, location, and branch campus.

Undergraduate Admission

First-time, first-year admission statistics and enrollment counts by college, race, sex, and citizenship, Pittsburgh campus.

Degrees Granted and Graduation Rates

Degrees granted by college, level, sex, race, citizenship, and department, as well as first-year retention and six-year graduation rates.


Faculty and staff headcounts by division, employment status, job classification, sex, minority status, and citizenship.


Active alumni counts by preferred degree level, preferred class year, college, region, and continent.

Campus Square Footage

Total Pittsburgh campus square footage (owned and leased) by division, use category, and A21 utilization.

Access TartanDataSource

You must be on the CMU-Secure Wi-Fi network or a campus VPN to access TartanDataSource.

If you have specific questions about how to use TartanDataSource, please contact your IRandA partner.

Carnegie Mellon Factbooks (1986-87 to 2017-18)

The Factbook, published from 1986-87 to 2017-18, is a compilation of commonly requested information about Carnegie Mellon University. It includes data on admissions, student enrollment and faculty and staff counts, degrees conferred, campus facilities, and university finances.