Carnegie Mellon University


Through the CMU/WSP, students gain valuable professional experience and make long-lasting professional and personal contacts. CMU/WSP welcomes students with a wide array of backgrounds and interests, and students may pursue available internships in any sector or field in Washington, DC.

Students participating in the CMU/WSP will intern three days per week for approximately 24-25 hours per week. The ultimate responsibility for securing an internship rests with the individual student. The internship search process is an important part of the professional development experience.

The CMU/WSP provides support to students in securing internships. After acceptance into the program, students will meet individually with CMU/WSP administrators to develop a personalized internship search strategy. The CMU/WSP will assist with placement in or referral to specific internships and will help in crafting cover letters and résumés. The CMU/WSP Program Director will also conduct mock interviews with the students.

The Center for International Relations and Politics (CIRP) has an extensive internship database that can help students begin their search. Students should pay attention to early internship deadlines (for example The White House and the U.S. Department of State have particularly early deadlines) and apply accordingly, even if they have not yet been accepted to the CMU/WSP. Additionally, students are encouraged to make use of the resources of Carnegie Mellon’s Career and Professional Development Center.

Students receive credit for their internships by completing a complementary internship seminar.

Student Experiences

"While the professional skills, subject-matter experience, and proper workplace behavior I learned in DC will aid me in the future, I think the sense of perspective I gained on DC, government work, and the people who change policy will stick with me forever...The time I spent attempting to help others inform, influence and improve US foreign policy proved to me that idealism and professionalism are present throughout Washington and the government...I leave Washington feeling more hopeful than ever; real people are fighting for real things, and personal relationships are the foundations upon which this process rests."

Jack Verser
CMU/WSP Fall 2017
INTERNSHIP: American Foreign Policy Council

“My course work was very influential. My professors were extremely helpful in understanding politics, political writing, and policy development. Additionally, they helped guide me through my internship and navigate Washington well enough that my internship gave me an offer upon graduation... My time in Washington has helped me gain a greater understanding in how to create access to opportunities by leveraging the public, private, and social sectors.”

Victor Tavarez
CMU/WSP Spring 2017
INTERNSHIP: House Small Business Committee/Office of Congresswoman Nadia Valazquez (D-NY-7)

"Interning in Washington, DC, gave me the privilege to explore my interests in human rights, interact with skilled and motivated peers, and attend lectures given by renowned diplomats. This exposed me to various fields in the policy sector that I am now considering as career options."

Ian Asenjo
CMU/WSP Fall 2016
INTERNSHIP: Washington Office on Latin America

"Living in the center of where almost all our country’s important decisions are made was a thrilling experience. I would get goosebumps every time I walked past the Capitol building or the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, the most important part of the semester was the internship. It is where I felt as though I was contributing to the American political system and came to some important conclusions about my future."

Kyanna Dawson
CMU/WSP Fall 2016
INTERNSHIP: Democratic National Committee, Political Department