Carnegie Mellon University

In DC, decisions are made by those who show up. This is your chance to do so. 

The Carnegie Mellon University Washington Semester Program provides undergraduate students from any department the opportunity to live, intern, and study in the nation's capital.

During the day, students gain real-world experience with an internship, the scope of which is limited only by what DC has to offer -- which is everything. At night, they take classes on policy, security, media, and intelligence with Carnegie Mellon faculty. 

The Washington Semester Program: Politics, and a whole lot more.

Make sure you see all that the CMU/WSP has to offer. Engineering and Public Policy majors participate to learn how their hard work manifests itself in the real world, and what roadblocks or considerations they should be aware of. Some students do more than learn on Capitol Hill, where the CMU/WSP offices and classrooms are located; they intern there as well. 

“I cannot recommend the Washington Semester Program enough,” said Lucy Truschel, who graduated Carnegie Mellon in 2019 and participated in the CMU/WSP in the spring of her junior year. “I think having the opportunity to have an internship during the school year is really great, and there are so many more positives that come with the Washington Semester Program specifically. There’s a lot of support.”

IPS student poses in Washington, DC