Carnegie Mellon University

Cross-Cultural Training for the Wider Campus Community

The ICC offers training and consultation to faculty, staff, and students (native as well as nonnative speakers) to improve cross cultural understanding on campus. We also offer individualized consulting with international faculty on language and cultural issues which affect communication in the classroom.


This workshop for international faculty explores the unique challenges faced by international faculty and offers strategies to help them teach more effectively in the Carnegie Mellon classroom.
Carnegie Mellon has been very successful in creating a world-famous "global" university. However, when speakers from different countries, cultures and language groups interact the potential for misunderstandings exists due to both language and cultural differences. This interactive workshop will raise awareness of the factors that may hinder communication and help participants develop strategies and problem-solving techniques to deal with these challenges.
This workshop was created in response to faculty concerns that interviews with international applicants are often more challenging due to language and cultural differences. Also, some faculty find that their lack of background with language assessment can lead to an inaccurate impression of an applicant's command of spoken English. Participants become aware of the potential stumbling blocks and familiarized themselves with some basic techniques and procedures commonly used at ICC to communicate with nonnative English speakers.
This workshop is intended for department administrators working with international students, and covers issues such as: ensuring that students get started as soon as possible with ICC work, helping them better understand and prepare for the ITA test, interpreting TOEFL score more effectively. Participants also have the opportunity to share "best practices" for dealing with and supporting international students in their departments