Carnegie Mellon University

ITA Language Certification

Language assessment is required for all nonnative speaking students who want to work as teaching assistants (TAs) at Carnegie Mellon, in accordance with CMU policy and PA law.

Students can satisfy the certification requirement in 1 of 2 ways

Using your TOEFL speaking score

Most appropriate if you:

  • Have a TA job matching the certification rating linked to your TOEFL and will not need a higher score in the future


  • Your English fluency has not changed since taking TOEFL


Your certification rating will be assigned using the chart below:

(minimum score of 22 required)

Taking the ITA test


Most appropriate if you:

  • Feel your English has improved since taking TOEFL


  • Do not have a TOEFL score

The test will determine your certification rating

Certification Rating Using TOEFL Speaking

TOEFL 28—30 = Pass

Eligible for all TA duties and sole instructor assignments

TOEFL 26—27 = Restricted I

Eligible for all TA duties;

"Foundations of Fluency" seminar required

TOEFL 22—25 = Restricted II

One-on-one interactions only (office hours, tutoring, lab assistant);

"Foundations of Fluency" seminar required