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Watch our Paraphrasing Videos 

We repeatedly hear that we must avoid plagiarism, but effectively using source texts in your writing can be very difficult.
The GCC is proud to present our novel series of interactive videos to help you engage with source texts in your writing. 

Video 1: What does my instructor want?

This video teaches paraphrasing by showing you how to interact with source texts based on different tasks (i.e., summary or analysis).
Handouts for Video 1 (including exerpts)

Video 2: How do good writers get started?

This video shares effective note-taking strategies for transforming your source text. You will see how an experienced writer interacts with readings to create a strong final paper. 
Handouts for Video 2

Video 3: How do I cite my sources correctly?

This video offers the basics of citation, including how citation styles differ based on disciplinary values, the basic information included in all citations, and how to construct correct citations and integrate them into your writing.