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Preparing to Teach Online

In the event you need to translate your course(s) to an online/remote format, this web resource is designed to provide you with pedagogical strategies and how-to resources to shift as quickly as possible. Key ideas to keep in mind as you engage in this work:

  1. The goal is the same – to provide a quality educational experience that meets your course’s learning outcomes (even if the path getting there has changed).
  2. Start simple: Where possible, continue using the edtech tools you already have in place, and add what you need from the toolkit laid out below. Then build out from there.
  3. Identify the tools and strategies that align with your teaching/learning needs.

How will I teach my live course remotely?

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I need to do a task remotely, how do I…

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How do I set up my remote computing environment?

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Overview of CMU’s pre-identified toolkit to help make this work as efficient as possible: 

Webinars for Instructors Preparing to Teach Online

Eberly colleagues are here to help!

An Eberly Center consultant can help you identify and map your course components to an online/distance setting. Contact for a consultation and/or for help with using the technology.