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Please find below answers to some frequently asked questions collected from advisors and academic department administrators. 

Enrollment Status

Check that your advisee is coded as MRR (master’s-level) or GRR (doctoral level) for that semester, as MRR and GRR program codes are not connected with tuition charges.

Almost all PhD students have their summer semesters made GRR automatically, however, Master’s students do not have MRR created automatically for their summer semesters at this time because their programs vary much more. If a student has been charged tuition for reading and research when they should not have for summer, please submit a SACC form to make them MRR or GRR as appropriate.

No updates or forms are necessary to update this status. The G2 process runs automatically based on the expected graduation semester entered within the student’s degree information in S3.

G2 will not affect their certification or graduation abilities.


Withdrawals of any kind from the university are requested using the official Withdrawal form for W2 status. W1 status is only used by the University Registrar's Office.

Please use a Returning Student Record Update form, as it includes thorough academic information: semester, program code, department, college, major, degree, etc.

SACC forms should not be used for this purpose, as they lack degree information, which can slow down processing, since additional inquiries will be needed by URO staff.

Submit a Returning Student Record Update form. Formal leaves of absence or suspensions will require Petition to Return from Leave of Absence forms.

If you do not believe the student will be returning, or if it has been so long that they would have to re-apply for admission, please submit a Withdrawal form and remove the student’s degree(s) from Degree Declaration.

If you think the student may come back at some point to finish their degree, move forward the expected graduation semester for the student’s degree(s) to several semesters in the future. If it becomes clear that the student will not be returning, submit a Withdrawal form and remove their degree(s) from Degree Declaration.

No forms are necessary to update the student to G1. G1 runs as part of an automatic process and does not affect their certification or graduation abilities.

 Any enrollment status managed by the Student Accounts Office cannot be updated using a SACC form; these statuses indicate a financial hold on the student’s record. If your advisee has a financial hold on their account, they will need to work with the Student Accounts Office to resolve the issue. Afterwards, the University Registrar’s Office will be able to make changes to their enrollment status.

Instructional Technology

Students will begin to be automatically added to Canvas courses three weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Student Privacy

Normally, we do not share individually identifiable prior grades in any courses with current faculty. This is to prevent instructional bias, whether intentional or unintentional. You may share aggregate grade data, i.e. in your fall course, X students received an A, Y received a B, Z received a C, etc. Academic actions are irrelevant to the teaching environment and should only be shared with the students’ academic advisor.

Transfer Credit

Currently, the URO is keeping scans of these transcripts within Box, with access limited to certain staff members. To request access, please email and specify whether you will need access to the undergraduate folder, graduate folder, or both.

Due to the numerous ways institutions manage transcripts, they are received using various methods. Sometimes, that means they do not match up to their intended location.

If possible, have the student (or yourself on their behalf) email us with detailed information about the transcript:

  • Which institution is it from?
  • When was it sent?
  • Attach a copy or screenshot of the receipt from the order.

If we have not received it, the student will need to resubmit a copy. Please refer them to The HUB's Transcripts webpage.

If a student has received credit and elects to take that course, the AP credit should be removed. Students cannot earn both AP credit and also complete the course for the credit. We normally share a query of students in this situation after the add period.