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The goal of the ERM Quarterly is to keep you informed and up to date on safety-related information and programs. It will cover a range of health and safety topics of interest to all members of the university community, including laboratory safety, fire safety, workplace safety, hazardous waste disposal, upcoming safety training, events, ERM staff spotlight and much more.

ERM Quarterly Newsletter Current Issue:

Issue Highlights:

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Team Conducts Active Threat Exercise
  • Computing Services Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercise
  • Three New CMUSafe Videos on How to Avoid Scams
  • The Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS)/Drone Safety Program
  • Drinking Water Quality Testing
  • Environmental Health and Safety's Chemical Inventory Barcoding Initiative
  • New Laboratory Safety Inspection Guideline
  • Attention Principal Investigators and Laboratory Managers: Update Your Space Information in SchiShield
  • Chemical Engineering Decluttering Challenge
  • Why It's Important to Clean Your Reusable Water Bottle
  • University Advancement's Julie Stephenson - The First CMUSafe Ambassador to Reach the Advanced Level
  • Become a CMUSafe Ambassador
  • Staff Spotlights