Carnegie Mellon University

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) Services provide the guidance, tools, and governance commensurate with the strategic mission and risk tolerance of the University and its divisional units so that they may continue to provide critical services in the event of a disaster or significant business disruption.

To achieve this mission, DRBC Services has three objectives:

  • Partner with business functions to execute the recurring process and activities designed to mitigate the risk associated with disruptive incidents, and enable the organization to respond and recover within their recovery objective(s).
  • Provide centralized governance and oversight while enabling business ownership.
  • Manage the guidelines and tools that provide for the identification, assessment, and mitigation of business continuity risks, as well as development of recovery and continuity strategies.

During the spring semester, if you need to come to campus for a brief one-time visit to either retrieve or drop off items, and you have not already been approved to be on campus to perform essential services, return to on-site research or return to on-site administration, instruction or operational work, please contact the designated College/Division point of contact listed below to request approval.

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