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Faculty Resources

As a CMU faculty member, you play a very important role in promoting access for students with disabilities. Students receiving accommodations through the Office of Disability Resources are encouraged to collaborate with their instructors to ensure that they have the accommodations they need to provide them with equal access to their education, allowing them to do their best work. The resources on this page are designed to support you in providing approved accommodations to students. If you have questions about implementing the accommodations on a student’s Summary of Accommodations Memorandum, or if you would like Disability Resources staff to provide a presentation to your department or group, please email our office.

Disability Resources serves approximately 600 students with various disabilities including, but not limited to, learning disabilities, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder, visual impairments, hearing impairments, physical impairments, psychiatric/psychological impairments and other health related impairments. To receive accommodations from the Office of Disability Resources, students must initiate the process by contacting our office. They will complete the voluntary disclosure of disability form and provide documentation of their disability. They work with our office to develop an Accommodation Plan, which lists appropriate accommodations based on their specific disability and needs. The accommodations provided to students are determined on an individual basis and are supported by medical documentation pertaining to each student’s specific disability.

Students receiving accommodations are provided with a Summary of Accommodations Memorandum. This document summarizes the accommodations the student is receiving. They are instructed to give this memorandum to each faculty member if they require accommodations for that faculty member’s class. The Summary of Accommodations Memorandum is your guide for which accommodations should be provided to each student. To ensure fair and equal treatment, the Office of Disability Resources recommends that no accommodations on the basis of disability be provided to students who have not provided you with a copy of their Summary of Accommodations Memorandum. If you have questions about how to provide or implement a particular accommodation or discuss a specific situation, please email us or call our office at 412-268-6121.