Carnegie Mellon University

Past QSSS Thesis Research Projects

Seniors in the QSSS program all complete a thesis research project under the supervision of a faculty advisor and with the benefit of an exclusive QSSS thesis seminar.

Past topics and advisors include:

Thesis Title Thesis Advisor

Underage Drinking in College:
Short term and long term effects of increasing the Minimum Legal Drinking Age on college campuses

Saurabh Bhargava
and Sarah Ryan
Community Detection as a Method to Control for Homophily in Social Networks Russell Golman (with Michele Tumminello)
A Method for Distinguishing Between Homophily and Contagion in Social Networks Cosma Shalizi
Healthcare Expansion in China: A Great Leap Forward?    Laurence Ales

Impact of Nuclear Power Plant Shutdown in Japan:

Divergence of Recovery of Energy-Intensive Industries in Relation to the United States

Lee Branstetter

Advancing of the Undergraduate Student-Advisor Relationship

Baruch Fischhoff
Tracking the Effects of Financial News through Complex Fourier Transforms Yaroslav Kryukov and Lars-Alexander Kuehn
Do Women Have a Say?  Exlaining Variation in Female Participation in Household  Decision-Marking Laurence Ales
Discouragement, Gender, and Professional Tennis Saurabh Bhargava

An award for the best QSSS thesis will be given at the annual Meeting of the Minds undergraduate research symposium in May.