Carnegie Mellon University

QSSS Program

The Quantitative Social Science Scholars Program (QSSS) is designed to help students navigate the gap that exists in the social sciences between the increasingly sophisticated use of mathematical models and quantitative data analysis in frontier research and graduate education, and the limited treatment of this material in traditional undergraduate curricula. It does so by laying out a structured program of training in advanced modelling and quantitative techniques that can be broadly applied across a range of social science disciplines and topics.

Students combine this methodological training with more traditional coursework in the social science major of their choice. This approach dramatically enhances the ability of undergraduate students to learn from and appreciate frontier scholarship in their own and related disciplines. The program equips students to undertake sophisticated analysis of their own, and features an integrative senior thesis project that applies their methodological training to a research question of their own choosing. The program provides students with a strong preparation for further study in leading graduate programs.