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Chisom Obasih

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Chisom Obasih

Gradute Student

Chisom Obasih first began working in the laboratory in Spring 2017 as an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Neuroscience and Japanese. Chisom graduated in Spring 2019, completing her senior Neuroscience honors thesis and Japanese honors capstone on the incidental auditory category learning of Japanese pitch accent patterns using the video game paradigm in Wade & Holt, 2005. She worked in the lab for a year as a full time research assistant then rejoined the lab as a full time PhD student in Fall of 2020. As a graduate student, Chisom studies cognitive neuroscience and psychology with a focus on auditory neuroscience. She is specifically interested in auditory and speech category learning, auditory and speech perception, auditory selective attention, and psycholinguistics. Chisom has thus far been conducting projects investigating both neurobiological (through imaging such as EEG and fMRI) and behavioral evidence for the use of auditory selective attention during auditory category learning. She ultimately hopes to dive deeper into theories of auditory category learning and find ways to take advantage of auditory and speech perception mechanisms to refine and create training paradigms in connection with theories of second language acquisition, with the ultimate goal to make language learning easier for adults.