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Program for Deliberative Democracy

Department of Philosophy

Selected Resources

Recommended sites with resources and practical experience in the field of Deliberative Democracy.


This center has used Jim Fishkin’s model of Deliberative Polling® for research and for enhancing public opinion in a wide range of topics both here and abroad. Books by Fishkin on Deliberative Democracy include The Voice of the People (Yale, 1997) and Democracy When the People Are Thinking (Oxford 2018).

NIF has been producing discussion guides for deliberative conversation for over 30 years. The guides are well vetted and well designed and can serve as resources for others to use and adopt.

A major initiative called With the People is intended to be a long running project aimed at encouraging sustained practices of public deliberation.

Founded by Daniel Yankelovich and Cyrus Vance in 1976, Public Agenda has a rich history in fostering public engagement and research on a range of current issues.

Yankelovich’s Coming To Public Judgment: Making Democracy Work in a Complex World (Syracuse University Press; 1991) contains much of its guiding principles.

The NCDD contains a large resource clearing house for many aspects of democratic deliberation and hosts an annual conference which brings together a wide range of practitioners and proponents from across the country.


The journal publishes articles that shape the course of scholarship on deliberative democracy.