Carnegie Mellon University
November 24, 2015

Language Students Share Their Work in Online Journal

Language Students Share Their Work in Online Journal

Each semester the Department of Modern Languages publishes Polyglot, an online journal featuring articles, essays, and other works written by undergraduates taking language courses at Carnegie Mellon. This semester, 68 pieces were submitted in 6 languages: Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. Students explored a range of topics, from “Music and Identity: The Creation of Countercultures in Latin America” to “Nationalism and the Creation of the Other.”

The journal has been published online since 2001. Since 2007, it has been managed by Sue-mei Wu, teaching professor of Chinese studies in the Department of Modern Languages. Thanks to Wu and other faculty members who mentor students and encourage them to contribute to the journal, Polyglot has been a great success. Each semester it receives between 50 and 70 submissions, which Wu said is “very encouraging.”

“The journal provides a nice way for students to share their work and achievements,” she said.

The current edition is now available online. Enjoy!