Carnegie Mellon University

Anime - Visual Interplay Between Japan and the World

Course Number: 82-279

Fulfills The Arts Gen Ed requirement

In contemporary Japanese culture, anime plays a vital role, unfolding a wide range of stories with its distinct modes of visual representation and complementing to other forms of culture (e.g., literature, film, and art). This course explores Japanese animes appeal to the international viewers today, centering around cultural analyses of anime such as the Studio Ghibli production and Cyberpunk. Equally important are to locate the origin of Japanese animation, which is also investigated through the prewar and postwar works of animation in conjunction with related forms such as manga, or comic strips (e.g., Osamu Tezukas works that was initially inspired by Disney) and to discuss the potential of anime as an art form. The course is taught in English.

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Units: 9
Prerequisite(s): None