Carnegie Mellon University

Spain: Language & Culture

Course Number: 82-342

This course is part of the post-intermediate, 300-level program that forms the introduction to the major or minor in Hispanic Studies. Students may begin with any one of the three courses at this level or they may be taken concurrently. Spain: Language and Culture focuses on the cultures of Spain, the autonomous regions and the creation of a national identity as a reaction to the multiple ethnicities that have inhabited the peninsula since ancient times. The course advances proficiency in grammatical accuracy, the ability to communicate ones ideas in Spanish, and cultural proficiency. The focus of in-class activities is on written and non-written sources such as history, literature, film, art, and elements of popular culture; the building of reading and writing skills will be complemented by continued oral practice in the form of small and large group discussions and class presentations. Treatment of reading selections is designed to increase students general familiarity with a variety of genres, devices, and discourse types and to build a foundation for the departments more advanced courses in literature, history and culture. The course will be taught in Spanish.

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Units: 9
Prerequisite(s): 82242 or 82244