Carnegie Mellon University

Contemporary Society in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the 20th Century

Course Number: 82-320

This course offers an introduction to contemporary German culture since 1989. Switzerland and Austria will be frequently included in class discussions but the main focus will be on Germany. In the wake of reunification, constructions of German cultural identity have undergone radical changes. Through encounters with articles, literary texts, popular music, and film students will explore these transformations and examine German culture and (both individual and collective) identities after reunification. The class sessions will be organized around several thematic segments, including East/West relations during and after reunification, German media, multiculturalism and minorities, and, finally, a segment on how to navigate the business world in German-speaking countries. The course will be conducted entirely in German and is designed to deepen students understanding and awareness of issues in contemporary German culture.

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Units: 9
Prerequisite(s): 82222