Carnegie Mellon University

Intermediate French I Online

Course Number: 82-203

An integrated approach to the study of the French language and culture by means of grammar review, literary and cultural readings and analysis, and intensive practice in written and spoken French. This course explores definitions of culture and analyzes the dynamic role of language in culture and culture in language, with an aim to foster cross-cultural awareness and self-realization while developing proficiency in French. This course is a parallel offering designed for students who need a more flexible approach to language learning than that offered in a standard classroom course. All materials are Web-based, with extensive use of Internet technologies for research, writing and communication. There is a required weekly class meeting for training and for group activities, plus individual weekly meetings with a tutor or the instructor for conversation and practice. See for a more detailed description of requirements and class structure before enrolling. Prerequisite: 82-102, 82-104, or placement score. Students new to French study at Carnegie Mellon must take the placement exam. Instructions for the placement exam are in BH 160. NOTE: There is a *required* materials fee for taking this course. This fee has to be paid by the end of add/drop to avoid removal from the class.

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Units: 9
Prerequisite(s): 82102 or 82104