Carnegie Mellon University

Intermediate Chinese I

Course Number: 82-231

This course is the continuation of Elementary Chinese II (82-132). At the intermediate level, students will continue to improve the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing with the goal of becoming more proficient in daily communication needs. In addition to an ongoing review of basic grammar, a greater variety of expressions and complicated sentence structures will be taught so that students can carry on more sophisticated daily conversations on various topics related to every day life. While equal emphasis will still be on both Pinyin and characters, students will be encouraged to use more and more Chinese characters with the help of Pinyin for communication. In-class and extracurricular activities related to the broad spectrum of Chinese culture will be organized to facilitate language learning using knowledge of the cultural background of the language. Regular homework, quizzes, tests, presentations, essays, and class participation are mandatory (four in-class hours per week). A student with prior experience in Chinese must take the placement exam.

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Units: 12
Prerequisite(s): 82132 or 82134 or 82135